About our Soap


Our soaps and body products are all made in our farm kitchen using high quality oils, herbs and fragrances. No "melt & pour" or base stock is used in our products. Everything is made from scratch, just like grandma used to make....only we use a stick blender to shorten the stirring time.

We make products to suit a variety of customers. Most of our products are all natural, using herbs to color and natural
essential oils for fragrance. Some do have fragrances and colors as labeled. Lastly, we also provide all natural products for sensitive skin, which have emollient oils, and no other
additives. All products are tested as safe for use in soaps and body products and are non-toxic. From time to time we may have a product backordered. This is because we allow our soap to cure for six weeks prior to shipping.

Our site is still under construction and more products will be added shortly. If you don't see a product you want, we will be happy to make it for you. Contact us for special and bulk pricing. Keep checking back as we enjoy experimenting and adding new items to the menu



All true soaps are made by the combining of a lye (sodium hydroxide) and water mixture with oils.  When thoroughly mixed, called trace, the lye and oils heat to a gel phase.  This is known as saponification. 
During this process, the lye burns away and the hard salts left is soap.  What is on the
market today may not be soap!

Our soap products are
superfatted by 5% to ensure that all lye is burned away.  We use two processes for soap making.  In cold process, the soap is stirred to trace (thickened) and then poured into molds and left to gel.  This takes six weeks for the soap to cure. 

In the hot process, the soap is actually cooked at 200 degrees until saponification occurs.  Then it is allowed to cool slightly prior to molding.  This soap is ready much sooner since the lye has been cooked away.


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