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Snap ButtonMetal Bracelets

Below are pictures of the many metal snap button bracelets!
 Click on the picture for a description and ordering link.  
My apologies if the pictures seem distorted or fuzzy.  Email us if you
wish to see other pictures and we will send them to you.
These bracelets are compatible with either
18 mm or 12 mm snap buttons.  Be sure to read
the description carefully to determine what size button
 is needed.  Buttons are purchased separately
 unless otherwise noted. Buttons are shown on some
pieces for decorative purposes.

B1004 5 button 12 mm   
B1001                       B1002                     B1003                B1004
B1005 Single 18 spoon    B 1008 18mm 5 button
B1005               B1006                  B1007                 B1008
B1009 single spoon  BR1010  B1011 floral 18 single button  B1012 Triple Button    
B1009                    B1010                      B1011                      B1012
B1013                                     B1014                                    B1015