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Windy Acres Crafts

Soap, Bath & Body Products, Woodcrafts, Bling, and More!

We have always enjoyed "making it from scratch."  When retirement became a reality Bob and Linda Young were able to turn hobbies into a business.  It's been 12 years and we are amazed at how far we have come!   Thanks to our wonderful customers

for providing a great opportunity for us and for the friendships we have

made a long the way.  We are looking forward to so much more.

Windy Acres Crafts has expanded from only bath and body products to what some may call a one stop shop.  We feature Woodworking, Soaps, Lotions, Balms and Bling.  Unfortunately we are unable to bring all of our products to craft shows, but it is our hope to get everything online soon.  If you are near one of our craft shows or markets, take a minute to stop by to see a more complete line of our products. In the event you purchased an item that is not listed on this website, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.  

Click on the links above to see a listing of our craft shows and markets as well as to order.  If you hear of a great market you think would fit our products feel free to send us an email and we will check it out.